About MIEUR.nl

On this website you can find information concerning medical informatics, healthcare and bio-medical engineering. We aim to provide clear and understandable information to people who have little to no knowledge in these areas but who would like to know more about it.

In this day and age healthcare is becoming more and more critical in everyday life. Technologies are developing at an immense pace and partly because of this the overall life expectancy of people in many western countries has risen almost 30% in comparison to a couple of decades ago. Therefore people in the medical sector have to work harder and harder to keep up with the demand of healthcare across the globe. Developments in bio-medical engineering, medicine and medical informatics are becoming more and more important and because of this we want to dedicate this website to everything related to healthcare and medical development.

On this website you can find everything related to chlamydia, it’s called Testalize.me.

Note: we are in no way a professional organisation or educational institute. This website is made by a bunch of enthusiasts for the sole purpose of sharing our thoughts and knowledge about medial informatics with the rest of the world.