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    What is healthcare informedics?

    We did our best to inform you about the details of medical informatics on the corresponding section on the website. We also know that it still remains a difficult topic and you’ll probably still have lots of questions.

    For instance, how can the efficiency of the healthcare system be evolved by enhancing our understanding of informatics within the medical field? In what way can information technology and information management boost organizational productivity for healthcare providers? And how can all of this reduce the cost of healthcare for the future generations?

    Answers to these and many more questions are given by Stephan Kudyba, associate professor in the school of management at the New Jersey institute of technology. By making use of new technologies and boosting organizational efficiency from bottom up, it will become possible to develop more viable and efficient future healthcare systems that will facilitate the growing need for healthcare.

    Finally, someone who is able to explain the purpose of medical informatics in a clear and informative way 😉